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Braves at Marlin


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Getting swept by the Reds is what I'm going to lament all off-season if we don't quite make it. There are little blips here and there along the way, but those three games made me taste bile.

while that did suck it seems like it was that series that jump started this run. who knows? maybe if we take 2 of 3 from the reds we still play .500 ball the rest of the way.

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See, that's baseball and we were playing good teams at the time. Those Soriano games and the ones where Gonzalez pitched three straight days and his arm didn't hold up, that's baseball. I can deal with those. We were in the playoff race and we were playing a sub-par team with the Reds. We scored four runs in three games. It infuriates me just to think about that weekend.

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Yeah, that's what the 8-2 post was about.

We're 2 games out in the wild card and 4 games out in the division.

People like to bring up that statistical calculator about playoff likelihood. Philadelphia has been at 99.9% in their division for about 3 weeks now. I wonder at what point they get dropped down from that.

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