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UGA: Top Ten Notes Heading Into Showdown With LSU


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10. Stop using Logan Gray


It has not happened often, but Georgia's gimmicky usage of Logan Gray in select situations really serves no purpose. Someone please tell Mike Bobo that.

Gray is a staple in special teams, but his random insertions into game action on offense is useless. This week against Arizona State, Gray came in for a play in the red zone. He ran a simple zone option and was stuffed.

What was Arizona State likely thinking? "Are you serious Georgia?"

Gray is mobile, but what does he bring in for a random play? Arizona State knew that when Gray checked in, that Georgia would have a centralized option type play occur in the backfield.

Suprise. Really fooled them there didn't we?

He is not getting substantial playing time by coming into random situations and running option plays. He is a quarterback. I know we want him to get some experience, but maybe we can go up on someone 31-7 and then check Cox out and Gray in.

9. There's a target on Georgia's defense...and it's a No. 3

I was really high on Bryan Evans switching to safety at the start of this year. In his career at Georgia, Evans has always shown to be a fantastic downhill tackler and ball pursuer, and he still is.

However, he is most notorious for giving up pass plays. Well, teams basically have gameplanned to attack this guy downfield anyways. Oklahoma State threw deep on him. Arkansas threw deep on him.

I would hate to see him benched, honestly, because he is a senior leader. But, Evans has never been a solid pass defender.

8. Justin Houston is our guy

Georgia has been desperately looking for a dominant pass rusher since Marcus Howard left, but Justin Houston might finally have lifted that search.

Houston recorded three "sacks" in the spring game this year, and since his arrival he has definitely improved the pass rush. Now, I'm not saying the pass rush is good, but it has improved when Houston comes in.

Houston also seemed to make a few great plays against the run. Pretty embarrassing when a former linebacker is trumping handfuls of defensive ends.

7. The Offense is more dynamic

Yeah, the offense was a little sloppy against Arizona State. But let me add that Arizona State has the best defense Georgia has faced so far this year. Their linebackers are dominant. But, Georgia still did manage 375 yards of offense.

375 yards in the rain? With three turnovers? I'll take that. We also had some pretty awful short yardage plays.

But, so far this year Georgia has seemed to pose a more balanced threat on offense. A lot of that has to do with new young players like Tavarres King, Rontavius Wooten, and especially Orson Charles.

Pundits said Georgia would receive tons of bracket coverage on A.J. Green all year, and Georgia would struggle to move the ball. They can bracket the freak all they want, because the other guys are just as electric as Green is.

6. ...and its not like bracket coverage will work anyways

A.J. Green = the best wide receiver in the country. Everyone knows the ball is going to him, and he puts up that kind of performance? A.J. Green single handily won the game for Georgia this weekend. Not only did he have the two biggest catches of the game (three if you want to count that amazing toe touch that somehow did not get overturned), but he made the clutch field goal block.

Green is leading the SEC in receiving again, to no surprise.

5. Special Teams are perfecto!

Georgia might have the best special teams in the SEC, and one of the best in the country.

Their first two home games were won with game winning blocks. Blair Walsh is perfect on field goals so far this year, with a long of 53, and hit a game winner this week in sloppy conditions.

And Brandon Boykin has really come on strong in the return game. Boykin came onto the scene with that 100 yard return. However it's all of those "almost" touchdowns he has had that have really impressed me.

Georgia's special teams have won them two games so far this year, and might be called on to win a lot more this year. I would definitely buy stock in Georgia's special teams.

4. The King has arrived

It is time to start Caleb King. I love Richard Samuel, but he just does not have what King has.

Some thought King actually lost "it" after failing to impress in limited action last year. I was one of those doubters. But, King has come on very strong and has shown off that electric running style we salivated over in the 2007 preseason.

Samuel is great as well, but he seems to have a problem getting knocked down at initial contact. He has a strong upper body, but he also has some stilts for legs.

Samuel is the downhill speed guy that can bust big plays, but everything so far has indicated King is not just a solid runner, but a playmaker.

3. Youth Movement

Georgia's top tier of talent seems to be coming from the underclassmen. For me, and for the rest of us, that should have us very excited.

The young core of receivers are mostly true freshman or redshirt freshman. Tavarres King, who is lightning fast, is just a sophomore (thanks to his lone reception from last year).

We still have not even seen Marlon Brown yet, and he was the most heralded recruit of the summer. Wooten has obviously impressed coaches as well.

More experienced receivers like Israel Troupe and Tony Wilson have not even hit the field yet.

Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin have both had their fair share of big plays. Sure, they are both young and mistake prone, but development could lead to a dominant pair of cornerbacks.

Plus both have potential to be great return specialists, if Boykin has not already proven to be one. I hope both glue down starting roles next year, as they should, so we can start calling our defensive backfield,

"Thing One and Thing Two" (Smith wears No. 1, Boykin wears No. 2. Clever, eh?)

2. Turnovers must stop

I would love to see how good this team would look if they just held onto the ball, especially on their own side of the 50-yard line.

Georgia has been giving away field position and points like a charity.

They should have held Arizona State to under 10 points, and should have scored well over 20 on Saturday.

They had to make comeback efforts vs. South Carolina and Arkansas. Kudos to the offense for coming back and winning both games, but it cannot continue to happen, or we will end up losing because of it.


I'm going to make this simple. Our pass defense has been pretty bad for the past two years. But, we have never really relied on our corners to run with receivers.

We sit back a lot and people dink and dunk all over us.

Solution. Prince Miller is the most physical defensive back we have. He may be small, and he may not be fast, but maybe it's time we play him as a nickel and let Smith and Boykin work the outside?

Experience obviously hinders that idea, but Boykin and Smith are both guys who CAN run with receivers and are both very physical.

Boykin has potential to be an All-SEC cornerback in my book. He's the biggest corner we have had, and he is ultra athletic. Smith is the fastest corner we have had.

It's time we bring them up and let them challenge receivers. Do it for a game at least. Maybe we will actually get some interceptions for once? Maybe we can stymie a passing attack?

These two have huge futures ahead of them. Let's get them started now please.

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Samuel = linebacker.... but hey what are we gonna do. I'll root for the kid but he's playing the wrong position.

I kinda get that impression myself. I mean I love to watch the kid run... he's got a ton of heart and runs pretty physical most of the time, but he doesn't get out of many tackle attempts at all.

He is pretty strong though and he's got pretty ideal size for a LB. I think he could transition to LB alright... and actually be pretty darn good. I wonder why the coaches don't try it?

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I agree with the Logan Grey assessment. Then again - just maybe it's a setup. Run that play again against LSU and then at the FL game actually have him drop back and pass over the top. Wishful thinking huh?

Nothing against Evans, but he should not start for this team.

I’d like to see the run game get kicked up a notch. Hopefully King can bring that.

Every time Cox drops back to throw I get nervous. He has made some good throws, but I still get nervous.

Jeff Owens is coming back from knee injury and will catch his wind in the second half.

O-line has been little overrated thus far, but have shown dominance at times.

With this “dynamic” offense and all these “electric” offensive players (which I agree with) Cox has no excuse for throwing into triple coverage, over and over and over again. Someone has to be open.

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Here are my thoughts on their top 10:

10. We will one game use Logan to throw a long pass, but there is nothing wrong with 1 play a game for him. Teams will continue to think it's just for 1 run.

9. Rambo will be replacing Evans. He stinks.

8. Pure idiotic comment. UGA recruiting and signed him as a DE not a LB. He was only playing LB due to how athletic he was and due to our own injuries. Many DEs were lbs in high school just like many college lbs were safeties in high school. Justin was recruited as a DE and is a DE.

7. Bobo is still figuring out what he has with the offense. Our Oline needs to be more consistent, but they need to be able to stick with 5 guys and hope they stay healthy. If that does happen we will be averaging 5 to 6 more points per game.

6. I love it how AJ Green has been doubled the entire year and is still having over 100 yard games. He is giving the young guys a number of one on one opportunities. They will only get better as the year goes on.

5. Special teams has really improved. They are getting away from directional kicking and Walsh has been perfect. I am loving it.

4. The one thing Richard doesn't have is the vision an rb needs. He is a north/south run hard player, but he is not a guy who is able to read the holes very well. That vision is something caleb has. Great to have him back.

3. I can't wait to see these young pups continue to improve. We have soo much talent. I can't wait.

2. Don't get me started on turnovers. The one issue is that it's not just 1 player regarding fumbles. Joe Cox needs to stop throwing ints.

1. We need more pass rush period. You can play soft coverage if you can rush the passer. We are very young at the corner spot and our safeties stink.

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