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A loss every now and then


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This one hurt, but that pain can be useful. The team has a whole bye week to review their mistakes and improve, and gets to take their anger out on the next team played.

Just think of the Pats as a wake up call, hopefully when another really high profile team like NO comes up we will be ready this time.

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generally speaking, I disagee with the notion that a loss can be positive. The games are too importannt for that and a loss can be the difference between making or missing the playoffs, or between winning the divison or getting a wildcard, or between getting home field and having to play on the road.

However, how a team responds to a setback is the true reflection of it's character. That's why I expect this team to show what it is made of against San Fran in week 5. On the other hand, if we play flat and are well beaten in 2 weeks, then we could be in trouble.

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