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Pet peeves of your own fan base

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Okay so I am constantly appalled by Auburn's fan base and despite the fact that nothing should surprise about most of them anymore I still allow myself to be surprised, so I wanted to know what about your own fan base irritates the absolute ish out of you (maybe try to stick to your fan base)

Here's my list

1.) The concept of an "Auburn Man": An Auburn Man is someone that is better than God himself, is classier than anybody on earth and is holy than thou. An Auburn Man is actually a rich kid from Mountain Brook/Cobb County/etc... who wants to play redneck fly the confederate flag, and looks down upon people who wear jerseys to a game yet wears a suit, tie, and cosa del mars with crokies to a game.

2.) Delusions: Many Auburn fans actually believe this season is the second coming of '04, many Auburn fans believe Julio Jones is not that good, many Auburn fans believe that Alabama's team is borderline awful.

3.) Delusions Again: This is probably my biggest problem with Auburn fans, I forgot to mention that I have read the quote "I would take Tate and McCallebb over Demps and Rainey any day of the week".

I will probably come up with more but does anybody have their own...

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