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Greeeaaaaattttt, the 49ers get to tune up for the Falcons by playing the Rams next week

lee sunset

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Just how everyone here is afraid to play a "good" team after a loss, no one is going to want to play us after a loss. I saw the emotion from Smith on the sidelines. But there was a point where he looked so mad he just kept it all in and just gave in as well. All that will come out this week in practice and the next. It will all be put towards preparation. I know everyone on this team is not happy with their performance. Even with as bad as it was, we were in it until the end with probably the greatest dynasty ever in the NFL.

**** has no wrath like the Atlanta Falcons scorned! :angry:

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What do we do if they loose to the Rams? Thats the biggest motivator of all as I see it.. top 1 thing to give your team a chip on their shoulder ;)

We go in there and we play our game, regardless what happens this week. You can't worry about that stuff. You have to prepare and play your game, if you play theirs you will lose almost every time.

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