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yesterday game


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for review.....that was total crap by the refs!!!!

no excues we played poorly at times during the game.

I did the math,

14 points were directly taken away from us. highly proable scores TD and FG,were also earsed by the refs.

new england scored only one lagitimate touchdown... the rest of thier scores came as a result of questionable calls by the refs.

randy moss was pushing off all day!!! and he even asked for a flag and got one

the pats o-line was holding.....well a lot....no flags????

there was a face mask on our reciever on the 1 yard line....no flag!!!!??????

this is the first time I ever thought there was valudation to the "myth" of the vegas-ref-nfl connection...

or just the worst refs in history!!

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1. To review the blocked pass by Ryan was laughable.

2. Jenkins td catch could have been a no-call.

3. His one-hand catch prior should have been pass interference.

4. Abraham was held on the td to Banks from Brady.

5. Tony Gonzalez was mugged in the end zone - no call.

Yes, we have a case. Contact the NFL and send the film.

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How come when we lose it's always the ref's fault but when we win we never give them credit for making it happen?

nobody is saying it's the ref's fault, simply that it was a bad officiating game. their human, they make mistakes, some of them were incredibly ridiculous(the Ryan fumble or INT, whatever they tried to call it) was one of them.

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