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Roughing the passer

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I would have liked to see JA 98 just go ahead and crush Tom Brady than to pull up and bounce off him looking like a total loser! If we were going to get that call MAKE IT COUNT!! At least then, I could feel like JA98 was getting a nasty, violent disposition and wanted some Brady Crunch :angry: Maybe they need to start b*tch slapping him be4 the games to fire him up...steroids???roid rage maybe?? dayummm!! Quit playing like a b*tch!

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Oh come on.

I know you were on here Howling when Dahl gave that dude a Georgia Twig Stomp last week

Not really. I like to see big hits and sometimes that means someone gets hurt, but these guys are all professionals. If we can't beat Brady within the rules of the game, I don't want one of our players "taking him out". It shows weakness and the revenge blows on our QB will not be pretty.

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