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I am call for a new 24 hour rule!

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We are no longer allowed to post anything about the New England Patriots game. I have read the negative and the postive threads and posts. I have read about who needs to be fired and what the coaches could have been down differently. I have agreed to disagree and disagreed to agree.

I still feel Patriots are a good team, but they were beatable. We beat ourselves with turnovers and penalties. It were things that we could have done better, but that just goes to show that we have a lot of work to do.

So as of 4:15pm on Monday, September 28, 2009, there is to be no threads discussing the Patriots game. This is a bye week, and all threads after the 4:15 deadline should be positive. If there is to be any threads pointing out the negatives, then the poster have to negate them with the positive.

It is just one game! Get your vent on and then shut up!


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Dont Tread On Us.

We already have enough foot prints on us from yesterday.

Was not treading. Remember I have those same foot prints on me also. All I am saying is, once you have vented on whatever you thought about the game. That it really shouldn't go no further then 24 hours. I mean I cussed my boyfriend out in less time.

"A butt whooping last 24 hours, but next time live forever" :P

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I agree. I won't post anymore about the Pats game after today, but since we have a bye week next week that's all some on here are going to harp on.

Yeah, so let's help them focus on the future instead of the past!

When there is a New England thread or any thread dealing with any of the games we have already played. Just say, " Dude, that was so last week!"

Thread Over!

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