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Several Observations


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1.Turners legs are not spent but he is running as soft as TJ Duckett was....he is not hitting the line of scrimmage hard and instead is tip-toeing around looking for a hole

2.I hate that play where Matt Ryan rolls to his right and throws a comeback route....why do we run it so much in crucial spots?

3.We get a decent rush from the outside guys several times but there is NEVER a push up the middle, Tom Brady was able to step up with no one getting in his face or near his feet

4.What happened to all of Abrahams pass rush moves? he was one on one plenty of times yesterday and has to make plays

5.Randy Moss pushes off every time the ball is thrown to him....they gotta give jenkins a break

6.Decoud has no hands

7.Penalties kill a big drive two weeks in a row

Overall i think our offense is going to be very good after the bye....work out the penalties,get turner going, get norwood back

The defense needs to have a fire lit under their @sses.....they were completely disrespected by the patriots going for it on 4th down so many times and did absolutely nothing to prove them wrong.....bright spots when they were able to hold the pats out of the end zone several times but that was more on brady and his wr's

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