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It gets no better than this Atlanta Falcons Message Board members.

You've traveled with us to Kansas City in 2004 for the shameful loss in Arrowhead Stadium.

You've traveled with us to Miami in 2005 to takeover "SOUTH BEACH" and Joe Robbie Stadium.

You've traveled with us to Carolina to takeover "CHAMPIONS SPORTS BAR" and New Orleans takeover of "THE 544 CLUB" in 2006.

You've traveled with us to Jacksonville for the "ALLTEL STADIUM" takeover and HOOTERS pre-tailgate party, Carolina "4th and Graham" will never be the same and Tampa Bay "HARD ROCK CASINO" couldn't handle us in 2007.

You've traveled with us back to Carolina for a "JILLIANS" sports bar night cap in 2008.

So it wouldn't be right if we didn't bring you another fabulous group roadtrip in 2009. As always were going to provide you with all the information you need to make your travel arrangements. If you need any additional information go to www.atlfalcoholics.com. We look forward to seeing you at THE 544 CLUB. Don't forget about the roadtrip to Charlotte, North Carolina on Nov 14th. Rates start at $79.00 with free parking and pre-tailgate at Hooters for $20 All you can eat wings, fries, sliders etc... from 6pm - 8pm...

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