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10 observations from the game


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1. Mike Smith is a good HC, but he has way to much belief/confidence in THIS defense, not going for it on those 2 fourth and shorts, reminds me of the Saints game last year where he did the same thing, did he really think our defense was going to stop NE TWICE??

2.Our DL isn't good, basically we still have the same line as last year, except for a guy who hasnt been in the NFL in 2 years, the idea of putting JA98 at DT and giving Sidbury more plays sounds good, something needs to change up front

3. Our draft is not looking good..... for this year!!(TD cant control injuries), but Jerry-out for the year Moore-hasnt even been activated, Owens-basically a 4th/5th DB, Sidbury-nothing so far, which I expected, Middleton-cut, Adkins-0 stats, basically ST, Walker-PS/inactive material, ouch, not saying in the future it cant change, but right now... if we get anything out of this draft...this year.... its going to have to come from Sidbury

4. Decoud has been pretty good, except for the 1 dropped INT , he hasnt gotten beat deep and has been good at tackling, those are the 2 things you want out of your free safety, and being and ballhawk, but i'll take the first 2, I dont see Moore getting alot of PT this year

5. What has happened to the Ryan-White connection, just havent felt it yet, it seems forced, the O almost seemed to be favoring the Jenkins matchup, which is fine if its there,

6.BTW, those 2 back to back plays with Jenkins..... either they were both PI or they both werent, refs need to call that straight, since they didnt call PI on the first one, no way they should have called it on the 2nd

7. We really do need Norwood... his change of pace is something this O needs when Turner isnt running well, Norwood adds so much outside the tackles and on catches. we saw that in the first game

8.Why was Grimes matched up so much with Moss?? we are luckly we didnt get burned on that one

9.I think this is the third game in a row where we have had an illegal shift/illegal formation penalty called on us, umm come on

10. This had to be the weirdest we were still in it, almost got blown out game

if Turner doesnt fumble we are up, and if Jenkins TD isnt called back we are close, but for as many times as NE was in the red zone and didnt get a TD and for as many times as they shot themselves in the foot, we are lucky the score wasnt 41-10

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sorry gotta add 11 and 12

11. this is our defense, like it or not, there arent going to be any trades or pickups, and Hill and Moore wouldnt have made a difference in yesterdays game, because our DL and LB are who they are and thats what we have for the next 14 weeks

12. Mularkey, enough with the rollouts, one time a game its a nice changeup, but you are taking 3/4 of the field away from a QB that is pretty good at disecting the whole field

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Pretty much agree ... but Decoud missed two interceptions.

All in all I thought the secondary played pretty good ... of course they were in zone though...

the one down the sideline i can excuse him, that was almost PI on the offense, the receiver hit Decoud in the head with his arm, the endzone one is what makes a safety Ed Reed or Troy P. caliber not just an ok safety

but all in all, Decoud has been solid and like Gazoo said, hes starting to grow on me

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One thing I noticed was, NE played a pretty aggressive man / zone scheme. I never felt like we had a lot of guys open.

this was due to the playcalling, we looked good underneath during the no-huddle, but nothing deep or medium, except for the Jenkins TD

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this was due to the playcalling, we looked good underneath during the no-huddle, but nothing deep or medium, except for the Jenkins TD

Yeah I really think that Grimes and Decoud were the bright spots from our defense yesterday. Grimes held his own except for the PI call. OUr CB's play LCB and RCB they guard whoever is in front of them, this is the reason why Grimes was matched up against Moss.

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