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The Perfevt Storm


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Good Moaning all.

Heading into the season we all knew that after the third game we

would know about the 2009 Falcons.

We left the cozy comfort of the Ga Dome and headed into a

rainy, windy, Foxboro Stadium and lined up against one of the

Best Offensive lines in the NFL.

Add a HOF QB (Brady) and a HOF Head Coach (Belichick) and

you have the recipe for the Perfect Storm.

There is an UpShot.

This butt whuppin that we took came at a Perfect time.

We have 2 weeks to get things sorted out and get our boys

back on track.

We will now be a better and more Formidable Football team for it.

Joe Buck said this as we took to the field.

"the Falcons will have to move faster than that if they expect

to be in this game today"

I have a strong dis like for Joe Buck, but he was spot on the mark

before the game even started.

So to all of the above I say and quote Mora Jr.

The Bye week has come at the Perfect Time.

Normally I would end this with a "Cheers to All".

But now that I have tendered up an Apology to Joe Buck.

I will end my rant with this.


and what is up with the full editor feature ?

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