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Grimes Still Better Than Houston?

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I've never been a Grimes lover, but right now, Grimes is not that good and Houston is not much better. Brian Williams is our best CB. Understand this, all CB’s get beat, I would love to see what the Rogers-Cromartie lovers think about his performance last night. I was upset by the fact that we didn’t go after one of a couple of good solid free agent CB’s in the off season. I know TD wanted to go young and avoid paying a high price tag, but in the NFL, you have to in order to be half way decent. The market for CB’s is what it is for a reason, you pay big dollars just for mediocre performance. There are only a hand full of elite CB’s and the only way you get one is to draft them.

Falcons look to have been lucky with Brian Williams. From what I’ve seen, our D is going to have issues all year unless they turn things around. We need help at every position on D. No more CB’s less than 5’ 11’ or DT’s less than 310 please!!! I will say that Coleman made a play yesterday and DeCoud had a couple of almost picks that he should have come down with, but that’s what you get from a guy that didn’t have a pick in college. That being said, he was a bit of a bright spot for me.

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Well, back in training camp, I was a big Grimes believer ... I said he would start and be better than Houston, and possibly get 6 or more picks. But I changed my tune after the San Diego beat-down in the preseason.

Now, I say he might be ok in the nickel. He really is too small ... not just too short but also too light. Countless times this season I've seen him fly in to tackle someone, grab their legs and then fly right off without having any effect whatsoever on the ball carrier.

Still Houston is not very good either. I'd say Houston and Grimes are about neck and neck ... neither one good enough to start in the NFL.

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