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Would you trade a 1st for Darnell Dockett?

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We have a gaping hole in the middle of our D and TD needs to make a move

Darnell Dockett is 28, only a 6 year vet, set the sack record in the last superbowl and had 4 in the regular seaspm after getting 9 the year before. Hes listed at only 285 but is a better DT than we have on our roster. Hes a perfect fit for our scheme and will provide the interior pass rush we so sorely missed on Sunday. At 6-4 he also has the size to play a power end and be our version of Justin Tuck.

His agent was lobbying for a trade in the offseason and Arizonas season is starting to head downhill.

Id trade a 1st for him and throw in Anderson if they want him. When Jerry comes back next year wed have a nasty interior and like I say he can play end and let us use odd fronts and 3 man rushes if need be.

Another option is Shaun Rogers. He doesnt want to be in Cleveland, there season is going no where, and old management traded for him. Hes going to eat himself out of shape soon enough on that team. Thing is hes 30 and huge and therefore more likely to get injured/out of shape. Hes a better DT than Dockett tho and was dominant last year, hes a Haloti Ngata/Albert Haynesworth calibre talent, hes just always out of shape and unmotivated. Hed definately be a huge boost to our run defense.

John Henderson is also an option. The Jacksonville connection is obviously there and hes straight mean, exactly what we need for our D line and defense. Jacksonvilles a mess and also going nowhere fast. Like Rogers Id offer a 3rd and Anderson cause hes 30. Including Anderson allows a team to atleast publicly pretnd its not forfeiting the season because theyre trading for a young top ten pick (who just happens to be a terrible football player)

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