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I know some of you are feeling pretty bummed out.


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Alright Falcons fans. We lost to the Patriots in New England. That has happened to a lot and I mean a lot of great teams this last decade. We may have problems we may not...Bottom line is we are still 2-1. I'm sure most of you all before this season officially started off would be happy to be 2-1 by our bye week. But.... none of you (well I hope none of you) can feel as bad as this guy.

This is a post from the Washington Redskins Message Board.

Title: How much **** are you gonna catch tomorrow?

I'm not looking forward tomorrow. Everyone who knows me knows me as Troy the Redskins fan and weather or not they are even football fans I catch **** when the Skins lose. My phone as been blowing up already but I just keep hitting ignore. Over the years I've learned to deal with it, it's become part of being a Redskins fan unfortunately.

Tomorrow I'll have to face them and this badgering is gonna be alot worse the the usually **** I have to endure because of who we lost to, the freaking Detroit Lions, a team who couldn't win in what, 21 months. The puke fans are gonna be even worse. ****, I'm willing to bet we'll be the butt of more than a few jokes on tomorrows (Leno, Letterman) late night talk shows.

And the worse part is, there is nothing I can say in the Skins defense. What, no, the Lions are the best 0-19 team out there or, wait and see, Zorn and the Skins are a second half (of the season) team (see last year)., It'll turn around, watch, the Skins have a tough first half schedule.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is not looking forward to hearing the BS tomorrow as much as I am? How much **** are you gonna catch tomorrow or during the week?

At least we didn't lose to the Lions. So hopefully none of you are going to get it as bad as this guy is going to get it.

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