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If your anything like me, then a game like todays will pretty much ruin your Sunday. It's all good though becausemy heart tells me were headed in the right direction. Its just a matter of time before a Lombardi Trophy will be sitting on display in Flowery Branch. One thing we all have to realize is that the team itself is just as mad, upset, or angry as we are. Right now theyre asking themselves the same questions were all asking each other. I have faith we'll rebound and do something great with this season. like Mike Smith has said many times before, "It's part of the process." It was just a few weeks back that we were just hoping for a winning record. Now our expectations have grown, which they should, because we have more than just a "winning schedule team". Come playoff time, this game will be long forgotten, and well have broken the record of not having back-to-back winning seasons.

Because of Mike Smith and TD, we have a franchise to be proud of for years to come. If theyve taken us this far this quick then imagine whats to come. It's time for us hang tough and be patient. It's all gonna work out in the end!

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