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Ryan was on fire today, stats dont show it


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Congrats to Ryan for having an outstanding performance throwing the football today. The stats would tell you that he had an average game completing just over 60% of his passes for an 83 QB rating.

What you dont see is that Roddy White had 2 drops, there were 2 or 3 throw aways because of bad playcalling on rollout passes. There was another drop over the middle of the field in the second half. Also there was the batted pass that the refs rules a fumble and TD (initially).

Lastly, there was the 60+ yard bomb to Jenkins that was called back for no reason. Before that play, Ryan had the prettiest pass to Jenkins for 26 yards on a fade pattern. Jenk made a great one-handed grab right over the cornerback.

The ball was sizzling out of Ryan's hand today and he completely outplayed Brady. Too bad the stats didnt show it.

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I watched the game for a second time and replayed several of our offensive and defensive plays to watch certain players. Ryan was simple awesome today. I guess if I had to say he did anything poorly, maybe and I mean maybe there was once or twice where if he moved out of the pocket he might have had a second or more to throw. I don't give that much credit because he is a drop back passer and not a scrambler. No one wants to watch him move if he dosent have to.

His passes were accurate. Strong throws and he made really good decisions. I think there was one ball thrown behind the receiver, but it was caught and wasn't poorly thrown.

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Ryan played well only negative I can think of is on some plays Ryan didn't scan the whole field. On a couple plays Gonzo was open on the right but Ryan just stared over to the left and just threw the ball out of bounds, I thought he would've gone through all his reads / progressions and find Gonzo.

could be roll out play?

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