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Looks like Peria Jerry made a much bigger difference than most of us thought.


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Myself included, I'm pretty sure a lot of us were thinking that losing Peria for the season wouldn't make a huge difference because of Thomas Johnson and Trey Lewis having such a great size to play that NT slot.

Turns out I was wrong on that one. As a team, we haven't gotten a single sack since Peria's injury. Granted, we played a very solid Pats team for 4 of the 5 quarters that we've been without Peria, but I can't help but to think that he would've made at least a little bit of a difference today.

Our interior DLinemen need to hit the weight room. Seriously. They played VERY soft today.

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Which is the reason why TD is not the genius everyone originally thought. First off, he drafted a guy that was already injury prone from college, then he failed to back him up with proven players.

It'll take more than one draft to rebuild our defense. Unfortunately you can't have depth at every position and DT was one of those positions.

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