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Unimpressed with Coleman at SS


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Coleman is not a SS.... plain and simple. He is usually the 8th man in the box, but he has been non-existent in assisting in run support. Teams are running right through us when we have 8 guys down there.... That just shouldn't happen.

The only reason why he is in Atlanta today is because he had to make a similar move to SS with the Jets. People forget that he was a Pro-Bowl caliber player with them before that move and was much more productive last year at FS.

I believe William Moore will get significant playing time after the bye. He is like a 4th LB and really can help make plays at the LOS. He feels comfortable in that role whereas Coleman just seems out of place.

I know he hasn't seen the field this entire year and I don't expect him to start right away. I just think his skill set is much better suited for the SS position than Coleman.

The problem is that there is no way we can pull DeCoud after his performances. I can really see Coleman becoming our 3rd safety by week 10 simply because he doesn't really fit well into the role he is in.

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