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Is it just me

Lord Sarcomere

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So far this year, we haven't really had many "huge plays." Granted we've played some very good teams, it's still discouraging to see our highly touted offense struggling to stretch the field.IMO, we simply have TOO many weapons on the offensive side of the ball to NOT take a shot at the deep ball.

I mean, last year we saw huge plays left and right. Some came from Jenkins, some came from White, some came from Turner, etc. But for some reason, doesn't our offense seem much less potent than last year? For me it doesn't make any sense because, on paper, we've gotten better on that side of the ball.

Roddy White needs to step it up. He's getting his catches, but there only going for 4-8 yards a catch. I haven't seen him run 20+ yards down the field. I've barely seen him run past 15 yards. There is no doubt that he is a field-stretcher, but it just seems like we aren't using him correctly. Our 50 million dollar man hasn't done much this year so far, and it's concerning.

Just imagine if we could get White going and stretching a defense. It will reflect on Ryan's stats, Turner's stats, Gonzo's stats, and Jenkins' stats.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the sky is falling. There's still a lot of football to be played, and I'm not a bandwagon fan.

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