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What happened to our downfield passing attack?


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"In a recent interview with PFW, Ryan said there were modifications made to the playbook this year, but they are more closely related to the changes in personnel, such as the addition of TE Tony Gonzalez, and have less to do with his own personal progress."

That just makes me mad. They have taken the shackles off of joe flacco, but Ryan looks more tied up than ever.

I think mularkey should have opened up the playbook to let Ryan PROGRESS not regress

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that's what i've been wondering. i know ryan excels on the short throws but **** the WCO has more deep passes than what we've been running. once we get the deep passes going i think our O will be more effective.

roddy's averaging 5 catches per game but he's only getting 7 yds a catch. that's bad. jenkins was down from 15.5 to 10.3 ypc before this game as well.

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Last year Mularkey did a good job of making sure we went DEEP down the field at least 2-3 times a game...It was fun to watch. This year is more conservative, and I do not like it. I am also sick of running the ball on 1st and 2nd down and then have to depend on Ryan to get the yardage, I would let Ryan air it out 30-40 times a game with the way our OLINE has been blocking for the run, and with Turner killing all the big drives with fumbles.

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