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Turner is fine the D played well but sometimes


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It was clear that the defense was playing bend but dont break, and we played that role very well allowing 3 field goals and 1 td until we were in the 4th qt, where the Patriots finnaly broke us. As for Turner he is running like he always have but it seems that our o-line just hasnt opened the holes for him like last year, but forget about last because they have done an amazing job of keeping Ryan up-right thus far.

The play calling was fine we just didnt convert 3rd downs we were 2-9 on 3rd down conversions. Peria will definatley be missed and the momentum completely changed once we had that td called back. Which it was a ticky-tacky call but hey they called it and we didnt score.

BUT the great thing about this game is there is 16 games and we've only played 3 and we are 2-1. No we head into the by week get some techniques improved,and then we head to San Fran and if we get a win there the BEars have to come the Dome so as some of yall not so true falcons fans are saying this is not a bad thing because trust me this is a team that people dont want to be playing after a loss.

So in conclusin SOMETIMES YOU JUST LOSE. Get over it because we are going to be dissapointed a few more times this year. Thats how Football and the NFL works. And thats whyu I love this game.

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The D doesnt "play well" giving up drives of 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16 plays ..

They gave us a chance to win by not giving up TDs, but that doesnt mean they "played well". If the Patriots ran the ball up the gut every play, they would have scored a TD every drive. The DTs were getting owned.

Thomas Johnson got chewed out by Mike Smith, and Babs played worse than he did in there.

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WE got owned on D but I still put it on the coordinators we didn't use gonzales enough we didn't run power formations, Ie I form. We ran pretty formations on 3rd and two and three bunch formations come on. Pound the rock on em I know we weren't eating up yardage but I think we could have got two yards and if we didn't go for it like they did to us

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