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No pressure on Brady = loss

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Pretty much that simple. Last week after the panties game I posted I that was concerned about the lack of pressure on Jake D. and was roundly told by everyone "oh they were just getting the ball out fast" I wondered then what would happen when we had to play a real QB. Brady had time to sit back there and write a letter to his mom on most plays today. I don't want to be overly critical because I knew this game was a tough one going in and when I saw the weather, I figured a lot of breaks had to fall our way to win and things didn't. Honestly I think things turned as early as the Turner fumble. Kind of snowballed from there.

It still just bugs me though why we are not getting a better pass rush.

One last comment before I put this one behind me and I don't want it to come off as whining about the refs but I'm now convinced after watching football for the last 40 years that in the last few seasons I've lost sight of what the definition of offensive holding is. Seems like to me I see Abe being held on almost every play but it's never called so I must be wrong.

Anyway, time to move on from this one, I wanted us to win it of course but I knew we might lose. Just hate the bye coming so early.

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Defensively, if you get beat by not blitzing does it hurt to try and blitz? See Jets gameplan, if we get beat at least we get beat being aggressive, instead of being beat by playing conservative like we did.

Offensively, first half we played great besides the Turner fumble. Second half we move the ball, have Jenkins TD called back and we're on their 30 something yard line. Instead of going for it, we punt. Pats get the ball back and they go for it on their own 20 yard on 4th down! The difference between being AGGRESSIVE and being CONSERVATIVE in the coaching staffs. Not only that the Pats go for it on 4th down a couple more times and convert each time. Falcons on the other hand have a bit conservative offensive playcalling, go 3 & Out, and just punt. Just Frustrating to say the least.

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