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Pretty clear we are disguising our weaknesses


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Watching the game today i was a little confused at what was going on in our coaches minds but then it came clear. We truly are disguising where we are weak. Last week against the Jets, the Pats put up very poor numbers offensively because the Jets blitzed anywhere and everywhere and got in Brady's face and knocked him down. They shut down the Patriots when they tried to run and eventually New England just said..."we can't run the ball". I thought we may take a little of that approach today.

Hmmmmm....today. Well today..the Pats came out with a new revigoration to run the football and we could not stop it. They were knocking our DL back about 4 yards in the 1st half. One reason we could not stop the run was because we refused to do anything but play with our front four and keep our LBs 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. We rarely walked a DB or LB up to the line to even show a different look. Our coverage most of the day was basically zone. We just refused to rush more than 4 guys on 90 percent of the pass plays today for fear of getting burnt in coverage. This front four is not gonna make ANYBODY forget about the fearsome foursome or the steel curtain or doomsday. We just are afraid to blitz consistantly because of what happened to our DBs in the pre season. We are bending and breaking.

I don't know what its gonna take to change up this scheme. Maybe Ty Hill will help and maybe we won't need to change it because we are 2-1 and we probably can make the playoffs with this defense(you aren't going to play Brady and the Pats every week) but to advance deep in the playoffs and possibly win a Super Bowl one day you are going to have to have a physical ball hawking defense that will line up and shut down anybodys run game and smack ANY QB in the mouth without fear of getting burnt for a TD. Right now we are playing fearful on D from the coaches all the way down the line. Eventually the road to the playoffs and the Super Bowl is gonna run through some teams with a pretty potent offense. We can't rush THIS front 4 against good OLs and expect to get pressure. JA98 is not gonna turn into Julius Peppers. QBs know where John Abraham is at all times now. Quite a few new wrinkles are gonna have to be added to this defense. The score of this game should have been alot worse. Brady missed a TON of open receivers out there today. Its just the kind of game that you came away thinking..."This may not be the year we win it all."

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Decoud also dropped 2 potential INTS that would have really changed the momentum. Great players make those plays. I'm just sayin. :ph34r:

I was very disappointed that he dropped them, but you have to be encouraged by him just being there. The 1st play was a give me , but the 2nd was pretty difficult.

He is a 1st year starter and he has stepped up at every test he has seen. There have not been too many big plays down the field that have been completed. HE is doing his job back there and I am pleasantly surprised at how well he has.

You can't expect a new starter to come in and be great. He will continue to grow, but I am happy with his play.

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