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bye week is a good thing?


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Boards wouldn't let me post during the game? Which I think is a good thing. It would have been all bad.

And for the most part today, it was all bad. We're still a good team. I feel weird saying that because they got destroyed today by a Patriots team that played like crap too. Our D is showing signs of what some of us was fearing at the beginning of the season. I'm confused at several of the calls during the game by both coaches and players.

I'm not down on my Falcons after a loss, but they played a very mild Patriots and looked terrible. So maybe the bye is coming at a good time.

I don't know. It seems like the D quit playing. It seems the offense was not in sync when it mattered.

Then I think you can't win em all. Then I think, man they better sharpen some things up bad.

I could list specific calls, playes, etc, but most of us watched the game.

Keep pluggin' away and keep improving. We learned a ton from this loss and historically we've been pretty good at turning that around into getting better.

Man, I feel like ranting on some specific players and calls, but that doesn't do any good. (biting my tongue)

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