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Pats win


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I said this after the Eagles game last year, and here we are again. I wish Mike Smith had the moxy to say something in his press conference about the officiating. Take the fine from the league. I'd have mad love for him if he did.

This game was ********, and I'm not even mad about it. We played crappy on Offense, our defense stepped up, they were just on the field too much. Way too many blown calls by the zebras.

The wasted challenge incomplete pass/fumble.

The roughing the passer on a push, where he was just slowing down. Brady didn't fall.

Abe held on a ton of plays.

Jenkins pushing off after Moss has been doing it every play. Take away the TD.

Grimes called for PI that was questionable.

The fumbles that were questionable and called down for both.

Block in the back.

Picking up the Pat's penalty, but keeping ours.

We blew it, but they had some major help.

I'll take 2-1, with a bye to work on Tye Hill and some team practice.

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