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WEAK Performance, but there is still plenty of games to be played


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Refs seemed to be very ticky tacky against ATL

No pass rush at all, which shouldn't be a surprise becuase we didn't have much of a pass rush against Carolina either.

Secondary is extremely weak. I know some will say that balls knocked away are still good and DB aren't expected to catch. Well how do interceptions occur if DB's aren't expected to catch.

Mike Mularkey needs to bring his *** on the sideline where he can get a better feel for the game, I think he was half asleep up in the box. He threw everyplay at the pats that bill had studied on film

I know they didn't have Gonzo covered that well, even the commentators said they weren't doing anything special in coverage against Gonzo, yet we get like one pass to him.

Anderson got positioned exactly where the offensive lineman wanted him

I just refuse to bilieve that Abraham was that ineffective against Light without some kind of holding call

completely flat showing

GOOD NEWS = we are still 2-1 and have time to correct these issues.

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