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Reasons we lost 2 the Patriots

Matt Ryan #2

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1.Like I said on a earlier post the Patriots lie about their injury reports. Moss clearly had NO injury what so ever.

2.We suck at run stopping!!!!!!

3.We have short small corners. That means draft some nice tall corners which we have been needing 4 ever. Someone like Saun Smith that the Dolphins drafted. He would be a perfect corner.

4.Michael Turners fumble right before halftime. Wrong time 2 ever fumble.

5.REFS...1st of all when Michael Jenkins caught that 1st 1 handed catch and the corner was on his right arm they didnt call pass interference and the next play when Jenkins caught the Touch Down pass it was the exact same situation they call a dumb offensive pass interference just because we were taking the lead. They called the flag back on the patriots when we punted and they called ineligible player down field on us and block in the back on the patriots. They called the block in the back off and just gave them an extra 5 yards after the punt. I wanna see the refs call a flag back for us 1 of these days. It never happens....only 4 the patriots at gilete stadium. Should have won that game. Patriots suck.

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