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If we bring four man rushes, sit back in coverage, and don't challenge receivers at the line we will lose this game. (Unless Moss and Welker both miss the game but I don't feel that's going to happen, I think both will play if they can walk)

It's been extremely well documented that Brady will tear you apart with time and you beat the Patriots by roughing him up every play. He's also coming off injury and not completely back. It should be noted that we do not have the personnel in the secondary to cover the Patriots receivers, so we need to win at the line.

But how will we do it?

We're a 4-3 team meant to get pressure from a 4 man line, and Abraham is our only proven edge rusher, Babineaux is good inside but Jerry is gone and we were not counting on that. We need some combination of Thomas Johnson, Trey Lewis, and Vance Walker to step up. Biermann has shown the ability to bend the edge and we'll probably see some pressure from Davis this game, I feel **** be in there for Anderson when it counts.

We need to bring pressure from the linebackers and safeties on a far more regular basis than our scheme is designed for to win this game. Every single play we should either be bringing blitzing defenders or pretending to do so. We should be changing our looks pre snap and challenging receivers at the line. We should even sprinkle in some corner and nickel blitzes as well.

This a big game for our defense

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I agree ... I also would like to add that although we have to bring pressure , getting good jams on the WR's is just if not more important as u stated. With Brady not at full speed we have and I mean HAVE to capitalize on any turnover chances that may arise. Any tipped passes or forced fumbles need to be maximized for our best chance to win.

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iight coaches,

nah i'm just messing w/ you.

Personally I think we have a golden opportunity to blow out the pats this game. Brady is slowed by injuries and doesnt have a rapport w/ his recievers. He also looks like he's favoring that knee, so we need to hurt the lion early while its wounded....go at him with the beerman, sidbury, and abe...maybe sidbury can be inserted as a rush linebacker (excellent idea IMO). We gotta hit brady more than 4-5 times though to shake his confidence.

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