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VOTE! (Get the Falcons game in LA)!


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I voted as well, but to be honest I live in DIE HARD Vikes turf.... Wish ya luck man, and hope it goes in your favor. My best advice is to hit a sports pub with NFL ticket, or break down and buy it for yourself this year. I been putting it off for years now, and finally broke down this year. I was surprised how easy they made it, they broke it down to $89/month no need to pay for the TV service for 6 months(season is over by then anyway) You can downgrade you tv package to a $29.95/month plan after the 6 months. No fees, no box buying. 2 Year agreement lots of bonuses and extras.

My deal, 3 recievers, 2 HD/DVR and 1 Normal, Installation, NFL Ticket with superfan remote internet access, insurance, total bill $98 for the first month, $89 for 6 months, then $29.95/month till next season then its back to $89 unless I cancel the NFL ticket 10 days in advance to kickoff.

Not that I am promoting NFL Ticket, because I believe its a total rectal rape of NFL fans everywhere! Im just saying I am tired of TVANTS/P2PTV/NFL network recasts, and of course the joys of watching my game in crappy internet quality in chinese/portugese/australian/dutch. Although the commercials were more often than not funny/banned in the USA quality. It still wasnt worth it to me. I do not have the option of having a local sports pub with NFL ticket, so I gave in, and at worst case scenario I watch it a day late in HD on DVR.

I love my team, and I support them any way I can. Sure I live no where near atlanta, but when I select my HD channel from the local broadcast.... Its worth it....... I hear it the same way someone in atlanta hears it. the same commentators, the same home team cast, you name it. Not to mention HD is awesome on a wide screen plasma!

Just a thought to toss out there.......

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