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Williams holds key to stopping Moss


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Flowery Branch — Falcons cornerback Brian Williams, signed before the start of the season, has helped to stabilize the secondary.

He will play a key role as the Falcons attempt to defend New England wide receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

In a conversation with the AJC, Williams discussed some of the issues he and the secondary will face against the Patriots on Sunday in Foxborough, Mass.

Q: What are some of the things you have to really be on top of when facing New England quarterback Tom Brady?

A: First of all, we have to get some pressure on him and disrupt the timing of the receivers by being physical with them with jams and getting our hands on them.

Q: Were the Jets able to do that to them last week? Did they give you all a blueprint on some things to do that might work?

A: I wouldn't necessarily say it was a blueprint, but they won the game. They got a little bit of pressure on [the Patriots]. They played a good game, but it's a whole different week. I'm sure they'll prepare for what they think is coming at them.

Q: When you were with Jacksonville, you faced Brady in the AFC playoffs after the 2007 season. Do you remember much from that game?

A: They kept the chains moving. We couldn't get off the field and they ended up winning. [31-20, with Falcons coach Mike Smith calling the defensive signals as Jaguars defensive coordinator].

Q: Do you look back at that one as missed opportunity?

A: Not really. That's in the past. You have to move on. We know what they do. I've personally played against them a good three or four times now. They haven't changed much over the years.

Q: Have you been able to share some of that experience with the other secondary members?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. We are preparing well. We put in extra time this week to put everything together.

Q: What makes New England wide receiver Randy Moss so difficult to defend?

A: I would say his speed.

Q: Has his route-running improved over time?

A: He's one of the best route-runners around. He's probably the best wide receiver in the NFL. He can do it all.

Q: How does New England wide receiver Wes Welker compliment Moss?

A: All together they present a problem. With Tom Brady controlling it, you really can't make any mistakes. You have to be on point and sound with your coverages. That's what we are going to try to do.

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