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Are we gonna be blitz happy tomorrow ?

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I think we will blitz smartly and try like he** to get most of our hurries and pressures from the D line.

Im inclined to agree, a slightly more aggresive form of our current playstyle. I dont think we are gonna have anywhere near the blitz numbers the Jets delivered.. but whatever works ;)

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We WONT be blitz happy because, for the 50th time, we do NOT have the personnel to do it that much. However, I believe we WILL blitz more than we normally would to try to create some pressure. I believe it all depends on which D Line shows up: the pressure-crazy D Line from Game 1 or the tamed D Line from Game 2. That will go a long way in determining how much we blitz.

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I think we are going to have a lot of stunts and disguised pressure as blitzes like overloads and zone blitzes. I don't think we're going to rush more than 5 very much. Those of you that think we're going to bring the house must not have seen the San Diego preseason game. We don't have the CBs to leave them on an island against Tom Brady.

I think we'll give the appearance of heavy blitz but fall back and try to jump a lot of hot routes.

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