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So I quit my job and then get fired?


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So i resigned from my job on Sept 1st. I took a job with an indian company as an ecommerce marketing director. They basically lied to me about the position and treated me like I was part of there caste system. Long story short, I told them that this was not a good fit for me professionally and based on their request, I would stay on for the rest of the month. Well this being my last full week, I started coming in later and leaving earlier. I have things to do for my new venture that needed to get done. Well they did not like that. I heard from a fellow co-worker today that they were looking for me at the end of the day to talk with me. Now I'm locked out of the Web email. So with 3 working days left, I think I got fired. These people are a piece of work. All i know is that I better get my final paycheck.

On a side note, the bathroom was so disgusting, I had to drive home to drop bombs.

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Not trying to be racist or anything but i worked with Indian people once and all they do is screw people around.

I was working for Indian couple and we were setting up weddings and stuff. Well when they told me to work for them they told me they would pay me 450 for 3 days and i would be supervising. So i worked my first wedding did a great job finished but i didnt get paid on time. They claimed that the INDIAN guy that was suppose to pay for the wedding didnt pay them. I know this to be true because the guy that was having the wedding was complete ******* and wouldnt even talk to the boss after the wedding lol? Thats when i figured out that they even screw each other too lol.

Anyway after about a week i pretty much had to keep calling to see when i can come pickup my check. After 2 weeks they decided to pay me but were still claiming the guy didnt pay them (probably true lol). The second wedding was a small one only one day so i agreed to do it for $150... That was my second time doing this and they pretty much let me do it by my self, everything got done and while i was working there people started telling me how they didnt get payed for some of the weddings. Most of the workers were Mexican people so i figure they had no other choice. Anyway we did a great job , and everything was finished but we ended up being there for two days. They still paid me $150 but i didnt complain.

3rd wedding was suppose to be 3 days and they didnt even tell me how much they would pay me.. So on day one my good friend who got me a job told me that they said i was very good employee but that i am used to supervising. Hello??? you brought me in to run the show ??? they brought me in because i was a supervisor for Best Buy for 4 years to help them. I was very pissed about that but didnt say anything, anyway next 2 days they never even called me or my friend. Next week i get a text from the boss, "hey scorpion, we have a wedding in florida on Friday so we will be leaving on Thursday OK?" I responded with "Not OK you still didnt pay me for previous wedding and didnt tell me how much i will get paid for this wedding" They never replied and that was it..

I decided right there and than that i will be very coutious when doing business with Indian people. In the short time i worked with them i saw that Indian people screw each other and cant keep a word for anything. They were using the poor Mexican people and they didnt pay me for one day. Furthermore my friend who reffered me had worked for them for 4 years and said that they didnt pay him sometimes. He had to work there though because he had to pay off the damages to his dads car.

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