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Players I'd like to see us draft


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This is just a list of a few players I really like and think could be pretty good players for us and should be there for our picks.

1. Greg Jones- OLB for Michigan State. Great athlete and doesn't miss tackles. If he played for a big time school he'd be considered maybe the best. I like him better than Sean Witherspoon.

2.Eric Norwood- Good player who's been an impact player for South Carolina the past three years.

3. Carlos Dunlap- Might not be there in the first rd. when we pick. Definately someone who could take over for Abraham in the future.

4.Jerry Hughes- Plays OLB for TCU but is big enough to put his hand on the ground in the NFL. I really like his upside and I think he could be a very good player.

5. Eric Moncur- Solid player who shoould be around in the later rounds.

6. Arthur Jones- I know we drafted Jerry but having another young DT never hurts. Very strong DT who some say remind them of Kevin Williams. Plays for Syracuse so he's not a household name.

7. Geno Atkins- His stock has fallen somewhat but he's still a big playmaker who gets after the QB.

8. D'Anthony Smith- A sleeper prospect as of now but could see his stock rise.

9. Demario Hardesty- RB's don't last long in this league and who knows how Turner will hold up 2-3 years down the road and Norwood could get a bigger paycut elsewhere. With a stable of RB's coming out this year none really seems to stand out from one another and Hardesty is legit playmaker who can run and catch. I really like his game and though I hate UT I would love for the Falcons to draft him.

10. Parrish Cox- Good corner who is also a very good punt returner. He's a player the Falcons should keep an eye on.

11. Crezdon Butler- Athletic corner who hasn't lived up to his 5* potential at Clemson but still has a ton of talent and should be there in the later rounds.

12. Jerrel Powe- A big hoss at DT. Peria Jerry's teammate and a **** good one at that. To be so big he's very agile. Another solid player who should be there in the late 3rd-4th rd.

13. D.J. Williams- T.Gonzalez can't play forever and Williams is a solid player who could learn from a HOF and be another playmaker for the offense.

14. Sam Young- Need a RT for the future. Hasn't really lived up to all the praise he got when going to ND but is pretty **** good and he and Sam Baker could hold down the tackle position for the next 10 years.

15. Randy Phillips- I know we drafter Moore and we have Decoud and Coleman but this guy could give Decoud a run for his money. Should be there in the later rounds.

Keep in mind this is just a short list of some players I like. In no particular order so feel free to comment on how you feel these players could help/hurt the Falcons. Also add any other players you think that are a good possibilty of being available when the Falcons draft.

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