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Wes Welker is the Key! Stop Him We Win!

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Wes Welker is the key to New England's Offense, they can't move the ball witout him, i hope he's not playing this week, or if he is i hope he's not 100%. And if he plays the key to winning is stopping Welker, since New England doesn't have a running game and can't pound the ball to kill the clock, so hopefully our DB's will line up and press him and tackle him quickly in this WR screens.

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Lay a few hits on him. They like to throw to him short. Peterson would love to say hi and on top of that a few weeks ago I let it be known that Williams has a SS mentality. Was I wrong? No. He will make Welker think twice about catching those balls. Brian Williams was the reason, at least part of the reason that teams chose to go deep and could not run against J-Ville. Even now he puts on the hurt. Expect Welker to have a long day if the secondary is on. Guys like Williams, Houston, Decoud, and Coleman either throw their bodies around, are solid tacklers or like Houston and Williams are straight goons when it comes to laying the hit.

The name of the secondary that I played for last was the Goon Squad, these guys resemble that a lot.

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