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Two late round WRs


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I know WR is not a big position of need for us but with Finneran in the last year of his contract and since I don't think we will keep Booker on after this year. We may add WR depth later on day 2 of the draft. Two WRs I think could come in and have fill in in a role similar to Finneran's are Bryan Anderson, Central Michigan and Eric Decker, Minnesota.


6'2" 215lbs

Career: 204 recptions, 2776 yards, 21 TDs

Decker is a tough receiver. I saw him take a huge hit last week, go get stitches in his chin and then come back and catch a TD later in the game. Not an overly fast guy but has good hands. Classic possession receiver. Has benefited from improved QB play. Would really like to get him if he falls. Some have him projected as high as a 2nd - 3rd round pick but I believe once the JRs declare he could be overlooked and slip down to the 4th round. After seeing the slips from last years draft, anything is possible. Also was drafted in the 2008 MLB draft.

Bryan Anderson


6'5" 215lbs (Same as Finn)

236 receptions, 3,011 yards, 21 TDs

Anderson has great size and production. He has benefited from the maturation of Dan Lefevour. Was an All MAC 1st Team selection last year. Projected as a 4th - 5th rounder. Caught the onside kick in the Michigan State game that allowed Central Michigan to kick the game winning field goal. Its more likely that we are in position to get him rather than Decker.

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