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Xbox 360 first current-gen console to trump PS2 monthly usership

Greg M

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Xbox 360 first current-gen console to trump PS2 monthly usership

>> From the press release:

Nielsen Research data released this week shows that gamers are playing more this summer than last. June 2009's total video game console usage minutes went up 21% from the previous June with the average gamer logging 768 minutes. And which console is getting the most play time? Xbox 360.

Over the last six months, between January and June 2009, Xbox 360 has proven to be the console (current and last generation) with the greatest percentage of active users (between 11 and 12% during any given Nielsen-metered minute). Additionally, Nielsen's data shows Xbox 360 as the first current generation console to beat out the PlayStation 2 in user hours since Nielsen began tracking the data in April 2007. Accounting for 22.25% of time played in May and June 2009, Xbox 360 is on an upward trajectory, with more time logged by Xbox 360 users than any other video game console.

Why are consumers spending more time on the Xbox 360 than any other console? It comes down to full entertainment package Xbox 360 is delivering. From the hottest new games to our online offerings over Xbox LIVE including more than 30,000 pieces of instantly streaming movie and TV show content from a range of movie and TV studio partners and Netflix. And this fall, Xbox is ushering in new era of social entertainment, with partners like Last.fm, instant on 1080p streaming video from Zune, and full game digital distribution through Games on Demand. Plus, with the addition of Facebook and Twitter these entertainment experiences can be shared with the biggest social networks on the planet.

As our consumer base continues to grow and spend more time on our console, Xbox grows with it. It's all about games that bring everyone together, entertainment delivered digitally, and inviting all of the people that matter most to you, through social networking, into the living room.


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