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Payback Throwback Moment


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For anyone watching sports that day that is an all-around Atlanta Sports fan like myself, 10/9/05 was a very bad day.

It was a now-unfamiliar Sunday in October: Braves in the post-season and Falcons looking good to break the curse.

The "Baby Braves" were playing game four of the NLDS in Minute Maid Park versus the Astros. We were up 5-1 early and cruising and things looked good to return to Atlanta all tied up at 2 a piece. One grand slam later, we were suddenly only up by 1 run with a 6-5 score in the 7th. Nail-biter time. But wait, the Falcons later game was starting at 4:00pm.

Flipping like a mad man, I went back and forth between the Braves and the Falcons game. Schaub was in Foxborough taking on Brady and the Patriots. The Falcons were 3-1 going into that game. We put a hurt on the Vikings the previous week (30-10) and our only loss came to the Seahawks by a narrow margin of 21-18. This was the year following losing the NFCCG to Philly where we fought them (literally) and pulled out a win on Monday night 14-10. I had high hopes for this team (not as high as this year).

Ausmus hits a solo homer in the 9th to tie the game 6-6. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! The Patriots run up 14 points on us in the first quarter. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Innings went by with no score, making me sweat bullets. I switched back to the Falcons and they scored 13 unanswered in the 2nd to go into the half 1 point down. Oh the stress that day. At this point, my then-girlfriend was in "leave him alone" mode.

13th inning comes along: Still no score. 2 on with no outs and we don't score? ******! I flip over to the Falcons game and Brady hit a quick strike to Watson, making the score 21-13. "We can't be down going into the 4th quarter" I said. I flipped back to the Braves, still no score change. Patriots score again: 28-13. F($&! This is not looking good.

4th Quarter begins. Right off the bat we score a TD to Crumpler and we're back in the game. "Could we be down in the 4th and actually win one?" Back to the Braves game, still scoreless in the 15th.

This was stressing me the **** out. Which to watch? I was actually hoping for commercial breaks so I could watch one without missing the other. Two mechanisms kicked in: Falcons never win when trailing in the 4th quarter and the Braves know how to break my heart in the playoffs. :(

But wait, the Falcons score again! With four minutes to go, Schaub hits Finnerann! We go for two and tie it up! No F'ING WAY! Two ties and possible overtimes at the same time? Total Mind Blow!

I flip back to the Braves and it is still scoreless after 17. How did we blow this game? Wait, is that Roger Clemens warming up? Ugh, it is. McCann should get another long blast off of him and put this away.

Back to the Falcons and Brady driving. They only have 40 seconds left so hold 'em DEFENSE! Cover Tight Deangelo! Get a sack Kerney! Make a play Brooking!

This isn't looking good. I flip back and Roger Clemens retires the side. The momentum is finally with Houston now and things look grim. Back to the Falcons: Patriots on our 45. Uh oh. Flip to the Braves and Joey Devine is in and Lance Berkman is on deck (he hit the grand slam earlier in the game): Uh oh again.

I flip back to the Falcons and their kicker, Adam Venitari(SP?) was setting up for a 30ish yard field goal with 15-20 seconds left to play. "Here's the snap. The kick is up. And it issssss goo"*Channel Change* SH*T! My girlfriend left the room and I sat back and watched Berkman's at bat. "Get him out" I said because the heart of our order was coming up next. Instead, a long fly ball deep to left field. The same spot he hit the grand slam to, let the Braves watching other teams celebrate in the post-season ritual begin.

It was no less than two minutes between the Patriots Field Goal and Berkman's home run. This rivaled Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, but in the end it wasn't as painful. It still hurt though.

So what is the point of me bringing this up? Definitely not to be negative and infer that this is going to happen again. I think it is redemption time. It is payback time.

The Braves have a long shot at making the playoffs this year and by Sunday, they *POSSIBLY* could be in good shape to take the Wildcard late in the season. The Falcons have a chance to totally erase 10/09/05 by bashing these Patriots up and, as Peyton said, "one dynasty ends and one begins."

This is just something to keep in the back of your mind for all you nothing-but-Georgia sportsfans. Hopefully in four years, I will remember 9/27/9 as a great day in Atlanta sports history.

As always,

Go Falcons (AND GO BRAVES!)

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Man, it is really hard to read your posts with WOO HOO! BOOBIES! moving at lightning speed next to them. Honestly.

Not hatin', I'm just sayin' why. Why? Why? No one wants to see that. Ever.

Is it really that bad? Woohoo boobies is a part of me I can't let go. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, download the Ad Block Pro add-on. Then you can ad-block any images you don't like.

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Wow, good memory. Ugh, that was actually one of the worst days I've ever had as a Braves fan. Insult to injury. You lose the game after watching it for like six hours. That was a turning point for me as a Braves fan.

Might have been a turning point for some fairweather Falcons fans as well.

Warning: This Shirt Contains Mario Van Peebles.

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