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Meh, I still think the white background needs to go.

I see you also took notice to the helmet-to-helmet contact that should have been called. Jeez, seems to me that when you're helmet smacks someone else's helmet and knocks it off, it falls within the context of the "no helmet to helmet contact" rule.

Why would you want to show off a play that clearly shows a rule was broken? That's similar to showing a great catch by a player only after he visibly and forcibly threw the DB aside in order to catch the ball.

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Yeah, I hate to say it but I don't like it.

You guys will get used to it eventually.

When they upgrade the boards, they don't just change the look, and call it an update. There's alot of security updates, and optimization done, it would be stupid to go back to the old boards..

okay? ^_^

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