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What are you Playing?

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Mixing it up between a few games.

Madden 10/Fallout 3 when I am running solo

Tom Clancy's End War with one of my buds from Chattanooga. We're trying to get into the Theater of War after getting to the point where the AI could no longer even challenge us.

Tonight I will be picking up Halo ODST simply to run with a lot of my other friends on Live.

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Switching between cod4 Yes, still a great game) and Madden 10. FIFA 10 will be in on the 1st.

Ive been playing that too. I think its better then COD4 IMO, i like the feel alot better. I just dont like how its a nade fest. Seems like everywhere i walk i pretty much get killed by a nade.

Im also playing madded 10, MLB the show 09, and NHL 09

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havent had too much time to play games.

College is killing me, got 3 papers due next week. Also got 2 exams next week so gaming has been put on hold for the most part.

Only game i have been playing is madden but i played maybe 3 games in the whole week.

Dont feel bad playa, I got a job transfer and we workin them 12 hour rotating shifts. Be tired as a mug when I get off

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I'm playing 3 games at the moment.

NCAA 2010 - I finishing up my first season with the canes. Went 10-2 and have to play Ohio State in the sugar.

Guitar Hero 4 - Picked back up a few weeks ago and having a great time

COD - World At War - I got it last Christmas but just started playing it. What an amazing game.

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Is Arkham Asylum going to have any replay value, or should I wait until it is cheaper on ebay? Not really hurting for something to play right now, so waiting won't be a big deal.

I'm with you on this. It looks really good but I don't want to play 60 bones for it. 3rd party titles usually go on the cheap pretty quick.

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