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Help me decide on what movie i should see


What movie should i see this weekend ?  

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  1. 1. What movie should i see this weekend ?

    • Final Destination 3D
    • Pandorum
    • Surrogates

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So its my cousins birthday this weekend (Sunday) and i will take her shopping so that she can buy an outfit and plan on taking her to a movie afterward.

She is 25 and LOVES horror movies. I will choose the movie for her because i do not want to be bored in the movie theater lol.. I know its her bd but hey the movie is just icing on the cake... i plan on spending like $50 on her clothes anyway ...

I like horror movies too and my choices are

Final Destination 3D- It got mixed reviews , some people hated it and some loved it but the only reason i want to see it is because there is a 3d version and i have never seen movie in 3D yet... Is 3D worth the extra money >??????????

Pandorum- Scary movie that resembles the game Dead Space ... i think this movie is going to be much better than final destination 3D

Surrogates- Seems like a very good movie with Bruce Willis ... resembles I Robot and i freaking loved that movie... I am leaning toward this one based on the trailer alone but again i am not sure ...

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