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CB Terrence Johnson


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Diamond in the Rough

FS Terrence Johnson, California (Pa.) (5-10, 185, 4.47)

Scouts attending the Vulcans' game against Bloomsburg on Sept. 5 may have gone there to see 6-foot-5 wide receiver A.J. Jackson get the ball from former top recruit and double transfer (Florida/Maryland) quarterback Josh Portis. But Johnson, an All-American in his own right, was the best prospect that day.

Johnson had three tackles and two pass breakups in a 17-10 loss, battling larger receivers most of the night without looking at all out of place. Lining up close to the line on most plays, he opened his hips fluidly and ran down the sideline with anyone.

Johnson needs to work on his transition on out or dig routes, but has the speed to recover and is a secure enough tackler to prevent yards after the catch. He gives up size to larger receivers blocking downfield but manages to separate to bring down ball carriers coming into his area. He also avoids receiver blocks to support the run. When playing zone, Johnson brought his hips to attack a receiver, separating him from the ball. So despite his sinewy build, he owns the physicality to play zone corner.

Johnson's return skills are also going to factor into his final draft grade. Although he has good speed, his strength, balance and aggressiveness were even more impressive -- he followed his wedge, hit the hole hard and ran through tackles to gain 97 yards on three returns (32.3-yard average).



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