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that suxx for us..when lookin at that game tape we are gonna have to outscore them to win. the coach says all that stuff is correctable, but from lookin at it we have a complete d-line full of non explosive players, i love my team and it suxx but its true. another year of bend but don't break we won't miss peria because we weren't getting pressure anyway. it makes me angry that we have 2 play this defense.

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Yeah, but my problem with this segment is that they didn't mention our ultimate X-factor in mr. Tony G......also I think you have to give the panthers oline credit. When they are on, they are one of the league's best. Our defense will play a better game this week i think.

Also Jerry was not getting all of the snaps at DT......we will be fine.

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hahahaha! I love it when Falcons go as underdogs!!!

Its ONLY going to make the team even more resilient to stay focused on their set objectives by Smitty!

What's so funny is that they are so convinced that, our young corners will NOT improvise & rectify the mistakes shown.....they never talked about the other 'matchups' which is absolutely critical!!

Simple law of averages dont work with Falcons!!

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They mentioned that New Englands run defense hasnt been standing up, I expect Turner to have a solid game. i truely believe were gonna win this game.

they forgot about Snelling & Gonzo.......what about the other silent offense weapons we possess.....Jenkins / Brian / Norwood / Roddy.......they all are about to explode in this game!!!

a complete shoot out with Falcons.......putting the nail in the coffin at the start of of 4th qtr!

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