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  1. 1. Fantasy Draft, or latest Madden 10 rosters?

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Alright, so I know we have at least a good 10 - 15 guys that will join (Not counting people I know looking for a league that I'm buddies with outside of the internet world.) So now the question is, do we want a fantasy draft, or to use the rosters from the latest update? So here's a poll. If you aren't planning on joining and playing, then don't vote!!!!

And right now, don't worry about fantasy draft date, we can figure all that out a little bit later, for now, we just need to decide what we are going to do to begin with. And just to clarify, I'm looking at one game a week, no more than 2 a week, but I prefer one a week because sometimes people's schedules can get tight.

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Sure can. I'm going to put up the team reserve list right now, and just post your gamertag. I'll remember your usernames on here so I know who to keep it for until you guys post your gamertags and teams though. :D

BTW, I know not everyone has had a chance to vote yet, but it's pretty clear. We're going to use the most up to date rosters right now.

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Oh, one other thing, I know it's probably not the place to ask because it will get lost in this convo, but would anyone be against All-Madden skill level? I know from experience that All-Pro gives just way too many blow out games, it's too easy for people to go 16-0

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