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Mozzie's Marriage Proposal

Guest matt moore

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Gday Everyone

JUst wanted to say thank you for all your well wishes and congrats - it is all greatly appreciated. Thank you Mod for the video, the families were very happy to be able to see the proposal.

To those who dont know - we already have 4 kids under 4 - a mine, yours and ours deal - so there wont be another bub for a while :lol:

To all those I met on the AFMBGT thank you so much for a wonderful time , it was awesome meeting you all, I had an amazing time.

A special thanks to James and Al for all their help with the weekend, you guys are wonderful!


Future Mrs Mozzie

It was really good to meet you as well, Future Mrs. Mozzie. :D

It was also cool to see the surprise on your face as the big moments went down.

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thanks to everyone....

for those involved thanks for making it the best day of my life.. and for those who wished us well, thank you for your blessings

as a side note.. it

was also the first time ive seen the Falcons win in person (my last trip was during the glorious Doug Johnson year.. 03.. watched us lose a nail biter to Washington and get destroyed by Tampa) bleeeeergh!

ALSO ... i had the great honor of meeting Tony Gonzalez that night at a Buckhead restaurant.. and he was very nice indeed. He seemed genuinely impressed that we had made the trip from Australia, and that we had chosen to get engaged at a Falcons game. I think he likes it in Atlanta :)

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