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1:23:07 pm Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez talked about his touchdown catch against Carolina when he found the open spot in the seam, and compared it to Patriots TE Ben Watson's second touchdown catch against Buffalo in Week 1. “If I’m going up the seam you throw it to the back shoulder," he said. "If you have good timing on that it’s almost impossible to stop.”

1:22:35 pm Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez compared New England's run offense this decade to the Denver teams he faced when he was at Kansas City. "It’s like Mike Shanahan in Denver when he was in our league," Gonzalez said. "Always, for some reason, injury or not, if a player was lost, they were going to come out and be consistent. It was tough to go in there and get a victory.”

1:21:57 pm Falcons DT Thomas Johnson has been on three teams (Cowboys, Texans, Jets) prior to joining Atlanta this season. But there's a noticeable difference, he says, on this team's chemistry. “I haven’t been anything like this since high school," Johnson said. "We help each other during practice, off the field and everything.”

1:21:26 pm Falcons QB Matt Ryan had a stellar collegiate career at Boston College and will be making his homecoming Sunday as an alumnus.“I’m sure there will be some people come up there that remember the time at BC, or are fans of BC," Ryan said. "With that said there are loyal fans up there too that love their Patriots. I’m not expecting to see too many No. 2 jerseys running around up there.”

1:19:47 pm Falcons C Todd McClure was asked if New England's 3-4 was similar or different to Miami's version that they saw in Week 1. “I think pretty much all 3-4’s are similar," he said. "I mean, you got your different blitz packages and things that come off it. But for your base rules, it’s identifying them, and it’s pretty much the same.”

1:18:42 pm So what that the Patriots don't appear to be as dominant as they've been in the past? Falcons C Todd McClure said he knows Patriots coach Bill Belichick will have a good gameplan ready. “We have to be ready for their best game," McClure said. "There might be looks that you don’t see on film that you have to make adjustments for on the sideline."

1:17:34 pm One element TE Tony Gonzalez admires about New England is how disciplined the team is, no matter who they have on the field. “That’s why they’re probably so consistent," he said. "They’re so disciplined. They don’t play outside of themselves. ... It’s hard to beat a team when they got good players and they all know exactly what to do."

1:16:10 pm Falcons QB Matt Ryan on what he's improved on: “The way I thought I needed to improve was to improve my footwork and to have your feet underneath you in the pocket at different times to make accurate throws. … That was the emphasis in the offseason to make sure we were disciplined in the footwork.”

1:15:03 pm Falcons S Erik Coleman on Patriots QB Tom Brady: “The characteristic that stands out to me is his knowledge of the game. There are times playing him where I’ll be trying to disguise a coverage and he would know where I’m going.”

1:01:19 pm Falcons LB Curtis Lofton on how to slow down Patriots QB Tom Brady: “We just have to bring some pressure on him and mix it up with the pressure and coverage so we keep him guessing with what we’re going to do.”

1:00:17 pm The Jets were able to slow down Tom Brady by putting pressure on him, and that's something Falcons DT Trey Lewis knows Atlanta will have to do as well on Sunday. In its last game Atlanta recorded only one sack on QB Jake Delhomme. Lewis on Brady: “It’s definitely going to be important to make sure he’s uncomfortable at all times and not let him get the easy passes like he wants.”

12:56:09 pm The Patriots have passed 100 times this season and rushed only 43. But Falcons LB Curtis Lofton figures New England could come out in any formation based on their history. “The Patriots, they have a good offense and they keep you guessing," Lofton said. "They could line up and show they’re going to run it or spread it out and throw it. You never know, you have to prepare for both of them.”

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