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Now we all can agree that our defense is shaky and changes need to happen; some want Willie gone, some want young players to get more reps and I even read some want a schematic change(not here though). My suggestions for this thread is to lay out some of these ideas and try to come to a census on what can help this team right now, realistically of course.

As much as some of you want it Willie Martinez is not getting fired, so let's not bring this into discussion here. I think first thing that needs to happen is one of our young DE needs to get some looks against Az St, whether it's Washington, Robinson or a combo of both. I can't remember seeing Marcus Washington much really and I thought he looked pretty good in the spring game. Secondly I KNOW Pugh and Rambo need to get game experience because unfortunately Evans just isn't a smart football player and he is a liability in the secondary. Teams have recognized this since September 5 and maybe since last year when he was beaten up at corner apparently he just doesn't seem to fully comprehend playing your assignment and staying in position. Sidebar, anyone knows what's up with Banks? I believe it's too late in the season to try schematic alternatives plus the fact that we don't have enough depth a certain positions to switch to the 3-4 or the 4-2-5. Our blitz packages or the late thereof doesn't appear to be affective, I don't know if it's the timing of the calls or the players that he's sending, or the if there is any real concept of the word blitz.


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