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good question.........clearly something is going on with Trey Lewis - either some injury that we don't know about or somehow Trey has gotten in the doghouse or something. I thought Trey looked good in the preseason and he has the best size out of all of our DT's - but he was deactivated for the first two games and seems to be #3 on depth chart now and was #4 before Peria Jerry injury.

Something is going on.........hmmmmmm? All I know is if Vance Walker jumps ahead of Trey Lewis then we will 100% know that "something is up"

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the problem with that argument is that Trey Lewis is just as fast as the lighter guys - Trey is not a slow mover like Grady Jackson who just moved his weight around - Trey can move and get after the QB as well...

Trey is certainly quicker than Grady, but I wouldn't classify him as a gap shooter, the way Jerry and Babs are

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They took their time with Nicholas too, but they had big plans

for him. I think Trey is in the same category and once he shows

something during his time in the rotation he will be set. As Smitty

is so fond of saying "we look at all of them as starters and will

rotate them and cross train them and keep fresh people on the

field". That quote is the Ladbaby summation of various Mike Smith


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dont know if anything is wrong with Trey, just Johnson has come on VERY strong.

Trey looked good for 5 or so games, but that was before 2 knee surgeries.

Just because he beat out Grady doesnt mean he can beat out Jerry and Johnson. Alot of players have shown flashes only to fizzle. Look at Lavalais. He had a better rookie season than Lewis did.

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he was our 4th best DT, and we only activate 3 on gameday?


I don't think they are disappointed with Lewis.

They were just more impressed with Johnson.

After seeing Johnson play in real games, I can't say I disagree.

The guy has been quite solid for us.

Unless you notice the long white sleeves, you couldn't tell when he was in or Jerry.

What the heck is up with those sleeves anyway.

Dude can't be cold already.

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