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  1. 1. Read the nominations in the post and then vote for your Hick'ry Stick Player of the Week!

    • Tony Gonzalez #88 (2nd)
    • Stephen Nicholas #54 (1st)
    • Brian Williams #29 (2nd)
    • Mike Peterson #53 (2nd)
    • Matt Ryan #2 (1st)

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Tony Gonzalez 1st Qtr. 8:10 left then 1st Qtr. :43 left then 2nd Qtr. 6:06 left then 2nd Qtr. 1:00 left

I must say watching this first play about our future HOF'er was the most fun I've had reviewing these games in a while. I must have went back and forth over this play frame by frame at least 15 times because I couldn't quit laughing long enough to get the facts down. This was our first drive of the game, after Carolina put 3 points on the board. Starting at our own 39 yard line - we moved the ball about 16 yards up the field before getting a penalty which put us back at our 40 facing 2nd down with 19 yards to go. Matt completes a short pass left to Tony, who then turns and starts up the field. Sensing or seeing 4 huge Carolina defenders closing in from all sides, Tony times it perfect and just as they all lunge at him in mid air - he ducks - leaving them all to bang into each other over the top of his head. Call it uncanny timing or a great sense of presence - but it was delightful to see the end result! Bam - Hick'ry stick delivered to 4 guys at once!

Unfortunately for us, the drive ended in a punt after a replay reversed White's catch for the first down on the next play.

Later in the 1st quarter, with only 47 seconds left, trailing Carolina by 3 points and sitting on their 24 yard line, Ryan is under center and takes the snap. He drops back 4 steps to the 32 yard line and sees that Tony has cleared the linebackers and the safety isn't there yet. He makes a beautiful throw in the air over the leaping linebackers into the magical hands of that big tight end waiting at the 1 yard line, who does the rest by leaping into the endzone! Tony promptly completes the TD by dunking the ball over the goalpost!!!

We started our first drive of the 2nd quarter trailing the Panthers by 3 points at our own 20 yard line. We moved the ball well down the field, converting 3 times thanks to some wonderful 3rd down catches by Booker. We now found ourselves facing 3rd and 7 on the Carolina 19 yard line. Ryan was in the shotgun formation and the Panthers had the box filled and were ready to close in for the kill. Ryan takes the snap, drops back 3 steps then steps forward into a sea of white jersey's with bad intentions. He somehow lets the ball fly in the general direction of Gonzo, who alertly sees his QB needs him, and proceeds to make an amazing shoestring catch so close to the ground that the refs called it incomplete! Gonzo, not tackled, jumps up and runs into the endzone. He hears that the call is incomplete and he frantically signals Smitty that the ball was caught. Smitty throws the red flag and upon further review, the call is overturned and we are awarded the catch, but not the touchdown. A couple of plays later and Snelling has the ball in the endzone! Touchdown Falcons!

Later in the 2nd quarter, with :58 left, leading the game by a mere point, we were sitting at the Carolina 22 yard line after driving 34 yards in the previous 3 plays, Matt was lined up in shotgun again and Tony was lined up like the 3rd receiver. He made a beeline down the right side, battling Thomas Davis, the outside linebacker from Georgia all the way. Matt let go of the ball at the 30 yard line - sailing it to Tony - who was covered up by Davis before the ball crossed the 20 yard line. Somehow, he still managed to catch the ball at the 7 yard line and of course we declined the pass interference call on Davis. Wow! This set up the next play - a sweet toss to Roddy White in the end zone and Touchdown Falcons! Thanks, Tony!

Stephen Nicholas: 1st Qtr. 2:58 left

After our young QB threw his first interception of the year, folllowed by a 5 yard neutral zone infraction against the birds, Carolina was sitting pretty with a 1st down and 5 on the Atlanta 49 yard line. DeAngelo Williams gave them a new set of downs with a 16 yard run to the Atlanta 37 yard line. The momentum was definitely swinging Carolina's way. The ball snaps and Delhomme hands it off to DeAngelo Williams again. Nicholas comes around full speed heading for Williams, when DeAngelo spins and flea-flickers the ball back to Delhomme. Nicholas made the transition as smoothly as our young QB's face and leaps for him just as Jake tries to throw it away - SACKED! Ha, that brings them to 2nd and 22. Two more great defensive plays and the Panthers have no choice but to punt! The rest of the story is under Pete's nomination - but bottom line - it ended with a touchdown from Ryan to Gonzo! Thanks Stephen!

Brian Williams 1st Qtr. 1:47 left

After Nicholas sacked Delhomme for a loss, we defended the ball well for 2 more plays - leading to a punt attempt by Carolina from the Atlanta 43 yard line. Atlanta coaches definitely planned to go after this ball in full fury! Choosing not to have a player deep, Weems ran off the field. This was great - Jason Baker took the snap and stepped up to kick the punt. Brian came flying around the edge, but he was met by Barnidge determined to stop him. Brian just slid right under him then leaped like Superman in flight and got his hands on the ball! BLOCKED!!! Pete handled the recovery and we ended up with a TD on the ensuing drive! Thanks, Brian!

Mike Peterson 1st Qtr. 10:02 left then 1st Qtr 1:45 then 3rd Qtr. 4:21 left

Although this play resulted in a poor call, it is still worthy of a Hick'ry Stick nomination. In the first quarter, on Carolina's first drive, they moved the ball from their own 20 down to the Atlanta 20. They were 3rd and 7, when Delhomme threw the ball to DeAngelo Williams, who was promptly SLAMMED by Peterson and fumbled the ball. This should have been Atlanta ball, but the ref called it an incomplete pass, which allowed them to kick the field goal and put the first 3 points on the board. That's okay, Pete, we know the real 4-1-1.

Later in the 1st quarter, after Brian Williams blocked the punt, Pete saw the blocked kick, timed it perfectly and jumped up for a magnificent catch! This man could be a tight end if he wasn't so great at his current position! He has really great hands and finds the ball fast!

In the 3rd quarter, after a beautiful drive by Atlanta, which unfortunately ended in a fumble by Turner on the 10 yard line recovered by the bad guys, Carolina drove the ball all the way from their 8 yard line to their 40 yard line and were sitting there facing 2nd and 5. Delhomme hands it off to Williams who heads through the middle of the pile. Unfortunately for him, he didn't see the Falcon on the other side stalking his prey, hungry for the ball and deadly fast! Swoop, Pete appears from nowhere to strip the ball from his hands and chaos ensues! Eric Coleman and Thomas DeCoud both see the action immediately and lunge for the ball. DeCoud reaches it first, but it squirts loose - then Decoud and Coleman lunge on it again. At this point, there were 7 Falcons and 3 Panthers jumping on the pile. In the end, Decoud comes up with the prize. Our young QB drives us back down and Turner finishes it off with his first TD of the season! Thanks, Pete!

Matt Ryan 3rd Qtr. :58 left

What can I say. Our young General was nothing less than spectacular on the field Sunday! Throwing 3 TD's in the first half alone, reading the defense like a Rhodes Scholar reads "Fun With D ick and Jane", changing the plays at the line and leading us to a victory at the end of the day! But that is not why he's nominated! In the 3rd qtr., he drove us down to the Carolina 15 yard line, where we faced 4th and 1. He bulled us over and got the 1st down. Unfortunately, Turner fumbled on the next play and Carolina recovered. However, Pete got us the ball back at the Carolina 47 yd line and Matt drove us back down to the Carolina 21, where again, we faced 4th and 1. This time, our young Falcon saw the tackles coming right at him over the Center - moved to the right and lunged forward - again getting us the 1st down! This drive ended in a Turner touchdown! Thanks, Matt!

Runner up Kudos go to:

Chris Houston - In the 4th Qtr., he really brought the wood to Steve Smith at the line of scrimmage for no gain to bring up 2nd and 15 on that- last "real" drive of Carolina's. Then at the end of the drive, he intercepted the ball right in front of Smith at the 4 yard line stopping a sure- touchdown by Smith!

Brian Finneran - What else do you do, my man! Safety!!!

Michael Turner - For hitting hard and working all day - and finally using that great vision of his to get into the endzone!

Jason Snelling - For showing once again why he is ready to step in anytime we need him! Beautiful TD - even slipping before he got---- there - he still made the catch!

Eric Weems - For doing a great job running and finding the openings - and for a spectacular 41 yard return in the 2nd Qtr. which ---- eventually led to a touchdown!

Marty Booker - Fast becoming Mr. Clutch! There were two 3rd down conversions in the 2nd Quarter on the drive that led to Snelling's-- touchdown. Wouldn't have been possible without those great catches!

Note - The number in parenthesis next to the poll name is the number of times this Player has been nominated (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)


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Went with Ryan on this one.

No Ryan. No Gonzalez.

Where is the Oline? They had the best game I've seen them have in months. No Oline. No Ryan. No Gonzalez. No Turner.

Pete had a great game but I don't think it would have made a difference if Ryan wasn't on.

Come on. 13 straight passes. 2-3 TDs. Fourth best PR in his career. No brainer.

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Went with Ryan on this one.

No Ryan. No Gonzalez.

Pete had a great game but I don't think it would have made a difference if Ryan wasn't on.

Come on. 13 straight passes. 2-3 TDs. Fourth best PR in his career. No brainer.

Gonzales had to make 3 amazing catches for Matt to get those 13 straight completions.

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Matt gets my vote...

It was definately hard though and Tony made some amazing catches, but I think Ryan managed the game pretty well against Carolina's defense. He put the ball exactly where it needed to be throughout the game and kept our offense alive...without his superb decision-making, Gonzalez wouldn't have been able to make that TD-catch in the endzone!

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I love this weekly award but in the future please include more units or players.

Been watching NFL football for a long time. The Oline was beastly. Trust me.

Without them this award would go to Gazoo.

True this! Will do. It's a difficult choice when the entire team is playing as well as they are. My notebook is full of notes, but then I try to go back and narrow it down to the best of the best. Hard to do - but I definitely agree - the OL was nasty. There were many, many hick'ry stick moments out there! I'll make sure to include some of those guys next week.

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