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Why should gang members be coddled?

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Why not treat them as domestic terrorists?

After all, isn't that what they do, terrorize? Don't these punks rely on their numbers to scare people into staying out of their way?

So try them as terrorists and if any connection is found with gang activities, hammer the punks. Any gang activity that leads to the loss of a life? Death Penalty or life in jail with NO possibility of parole.

I don't care if your punk ### grew up poor and your daddy didn't love you enough, it does not excuse you of crapping all over other peoples lives. It doesn't excuse you from being a punk ### thief, murderer and bottom feeder. If the law is clear, and you break it, boo frikkin hoo.., don't cry for mama now.

The time is long past where it is okay for the criminals to have more rights than the victims.

Terrorists, that's what gangs are. if you are connected to terrorists, die like the yellow dog you are.

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He is more effective than most of our law enforcement. Remember the episode where he strangled Ernest T Bass in the jail cell and him and Goober buried the body in a pumpkin field in Hooterville? Awesome.

But when he and Goober filmed each other having sex with the dead body and then made Opie watch it, well, I thought that was over the line.

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IMO..every state should follow what that Sheriff does in Arizona.(his name slips me)

They should have "tent cities" for jails...no power, no running water, no cable t.v., no libraries, no weights and no visitation rights.

I would bet the crime rates would fall 10 fold...especially in the colder states.. :lol::lol:

For once I actually agree with you. Jail (county jail, not prison) is a cakewalk. You got cable TV and 3 hot meals a day (sometimes only 2 with a baloney sandwich for lunch). You can smoke (even though it's been banned like everywhere), you can play checkers or chess or cards or whatever, you can talk on the phone. A lot of people on this planet would KILL to live like that.

I'm not endorsing because it would be more punitive, however. I just think it would save a lot of money.

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